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I’m Back

Well, I was right about the boy vibes but wrong about the date. My grandson was born on March 25th, and I did need to take a third week off from work. (Oh, darn.) While waiting, anticipating, and preparing for the birth (how many times can you practice folding cloth diapers?) we planted trees, worked on a privacy fence, built a summer kitchen (semi-covered fire pit) and went on long hikes in the woods. We only got lost once, but hey, it all worked out.
I thought I wanted the baby to hurry up and get here, but the truth is, I will always cherish the memories of the time I spent with my daughter and son-in-law before the birth. (Bonding isn’t just for babies!) I think the three of us made a pretty good team, though I will admit to feeling relieved when the midwife finally got there.
I believe natural childbirth is the best way to go (when it makes sense medically, of course) but there’s nothing easy about it. The end result was, of course, worth every minute. (Yeah, I know, easy for ME to say.)
Our little bundle of bodily functions is strong and healthy as well as adorable. Only in the first days of life are other people fascinated by your every gurgle, grunt, yawn, cry, sneeze, and fart. Seriously, his little farts were so sweet…
I wanted to stay forever, but here I am, back at home being a responsible adult. For now anyway…

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  1. That’s a really nice picture of the cottonwood tree.

    It was such a special three weeks. Love you mom šŸ™‚

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