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Ginny Cotton is twenty-four, a virgin, and frustrated.
She wasted too many years waiting for a man who doesn’t want her.
She’s done waiting.
If her first time isn’t going to be about love, as she’s always dreamed it would be, it should at least be good.
The hot guy she meets through a dating site is perfect for the job.
So what if he’s a player?
She can play too.
In fact, she’s quite good at games.
Chess is her favorite.
This particular skill probably won’t be of much use when it come to sex, but how complicated can it be?
All she has to do is overcome the anxiety that causes her to run for the door, the moment things get intimate, and everything will work out fine.
Easy Peasy, as Grandma Cotton likes to say.
Of course, Grandma Cotton is also fond of the phrase, “when pigs fly,” which may or may not apply here.<img

Right or Wrong?
It’s what we keep asking ourselves.
Kissing cousin was cute when we were kids, but Quinton and I are way beyond that now.
We’ve both been through so much, especially him.
I’m convinced that no one else could ever love Q. the way that I can.
Should we let propriety stand in our way? Are we being selfish? Is what we have worth the risk of alienating our families?
This is what we ask ourselves.
Now I’m asking you.
Read our story.
Decide for yourself.
Do we deserve our chance at love?